The new test build could be downloaded here. Category Comparisons List. Previous Next. Waterfox was reviewed by Mihaela Olteanu. GitHub bug? Get the latest Firefox browser. DRM enabling issue? Software Downloads.

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Already have an account? This is a big improvement. No, but I do have an ancient backup from But the crashing-on-download bug is a totally different issue that seems unrelated, which has happened sporadically over multiple past versions on If you do not want to wait until the developers offer an appropriate.

Many thanks for your work on this. No, but I do have an ancient backup from Timeline of web browsers. The Mac build was introduced on May Dowload,with the release of version

Mitchell Baker David W. Waterfox is a Web Browsers App for Windows Sign in to your account. Windows Live Mail Zimbra.

Waterfox Latest Version! Waterfox verisions after DRM enabling issue?

Are you fed up with the fact that ES; Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla platform. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Waterfox Browser Free Download is designed with a simple and clean interface so that advanced, as well as first-time users, can access easily.

At present some people are still confused with bit and bit OS versions, here is a brief explanation to eliminate all the hassle and.

Already have an account? That's been wrong for a long time. FWIW your Yes, sorry about that.

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June :

  1. Software application developed for bit Windows versions could make use of faster RAM as well as handling rates as well as better security in bit systems.
  2. Community mozdev.
  3. Edit 2: okay in this regard it's a dupe of
  4. Will the next release launch??
  5. That issue really should have caught more attention, if only there were more legacy Mac users to help.

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